John Smyth - photography from the west of Ireland. Images from Galway to Limerick, Mayo to Roscommon, Clare to Leitrim and all points in between

Welcome to the site. I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country as the west of Ireland and I cannot think of a better place in which to take pictures.
Most of the images on the site reflect my own interests; the landscape, nature, culture and also the transition from so-called traditional Ireland to modernity. I live in
Galway city so many of the pictures are from Galway city and county. There are also images from Mayo, Clare, Limerick, Roscommon and Leitrim. Oh, and Westmeath,
because that's where I'm from.

Many of the pictures on my site are for sale. If you click on the "Buy picture" menu option at the head of the page (or click here), you will see a list of galleries. If you click on one,
you will see the purchase options.My pictures are printed by a US online company called Smugmug. They take the payment via credit card, print the picture
and post it out to you - if you have ordered something on Amazon or any other online shop, you'll find my Smugmug account very similar to use. I've provided a number
of options on how to search through the images on the Buy page.

If you want to use an image for publication or for commercial purposes [i.e. for brochures, advertisements or a commercial website], contact me directly.

I've included a slideshow of images below from my Flickr page which should also give you a flavour of the pictures that I take [click on the white triangle to get the show started]. Alternatively, visit my blog,
North Atlantic Skyline which features pictures and stories from the west of Ireland on a regular basis. The Archive button on the top of
the page is the complete archive for the blog - this is the 8th year that I've been putting pictures and stories online - I haven't run out out of topics yet.
Leave a comment - I love to get feedback! If you see an image on the blog that you'd like to buy or use, but cannot find it on the Buy page, contact me directly.

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