Sunrise with Sea Monsters

Mutton Island lighthouse in Galway Bay, at sunrise.
What goes in…must come out. When the current government created the public utility Irish Water, it was given responsibility for both the provision of clean water (not always a given in Galway) and also the handling of waste water and sewage. The main sewage plant in Galway city is located on Mutton Island in Galway Bay, joined to the city by a causeway between the Claddagh and Salthill Promenade. The efficacy of the plant means that four Galway City beaches (at Ballyloughane, Grattan Road, Salthill and Silver Strand) have Blue Flags, despite its proximity to a sewage plant.

The sewage plant is built beside the old lighthouse on the island. This picture was taken as the sun rose over the Sliabh Aughty mountains in the background, and just a little way down the coast from where I took this picture last year.