Spiddal under a clear sky

The outline of the Milky Way above Galway Bay on Monday night.

P.S. The stars appear a little large than ‘real life’ because of the length of the exposure – they are all slightly elongated because the sky ‘moved’ in relation to the earth due to that whole orbiting/planetary motion┬áthing.

Camera=Canon 5D, lens=Canon17-40mm@17mm, aperture=f6.3, speed= 30secs, speed=ISO 1600.

8 Responses to “Spiddal under a clear sky”

  1. I was so tempted to go out and shoot star trails on Monday night after work. I was too tired though. Cracking shot! Surprised there isn’t more orange in it!

  2. Hi Sean,
    The original shot had more orange in it (on the horizon). I altered the colour temperature to reduce it.


  3. Lovely shot. I tried something similar recently but it was nowhere near as good as this. I’m hoping to get out tomorrow night to try again though!

  4. Writing from floodlit inner-city Dublin, I am sooo envious of the night sky you have there, despite the light pollution from greater Spiddal!

    By the way, I took the liberty of using your great golf buggy shot in a recent post at http://thelitmuspaper.blogspot.com/, with links of course, hope that’s okay?


  5. Latchiko – your pic of Poulnarone made me green with envy – cracking shot.

    Mary – no problem – use any pic you like.

  6. i love this picture. i don’t remember spiddal being quite so gorgeous. i think maybe because i wasn’t looking up….

  7. Trivia: In early Ireland, the Milky Way was called Bealach na Bo Finne (the way of the white cow).

  8. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for that info – it sounds much nicer in Irish, doesn’t it,