By: John Smyth

Jan 13 2009

Category: dawn, galway, ireland, monivea, trees


A row of trees in Monivea, east Galway, photographed at dawn last May.
Camera = Canon 5D, lens = 100-400 @ 330mm, aperture = f7.1, speed = 1/1250 sec, ISO = 400.

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  1. How long did you wait to get that moment of perfect shadow John, and do you remember the time…it’s an extraordinary capture. At first glance I thought there was a narrow pathway between the trees…it’s really special.

  2. I’ve passed by these trees many times over the last few years and puzzled over how best to take a decent picture of them. The light was just right that morning and , more importantly, I had time to stop and take the shot.