Sunrise in the Twelve Bens

Sunrise in the Lough Inagh valley on Saturday morning – the Twelve Bens range of mountains are in the background, dusted in snow.

4 Responses to “Sunrise in the Twelve Bens”

  1. That’s a terrific and rare capture. Just reward for beign up that early on a Saturday morning!

  2. Gorgeous shot John, really love the lines of peat leading to the mountains.

    Word has it we’re going to get quite a bit of snow here on the east coast Sunday night/Monday. Fingers crossed anyway.

  3. John, this image is stretched compared to the Flickr version..

    Anyhow, your IR image of the cathedral is one of the images in the SWPP Societies Collection.

    I’ve 3 in there myself, but I figured no one would let you know…

  4. Hi Treasa, hoping for a bit of snow in the west this week…

    Sean – thanks for the info. Yes – it is a bit stretched – this Wordpress template is a bit of a pain….