Spiddal Evening

Spiddal Evening from John Smyth on Vimeo.

Update [22 Oct]:Apologies, folks – it looks like the Quicktime version isn’t loading (not for me, anyway) – the Vimeo link does work but the quality is much poorer. I’ll try to sort it out when I get home this evening. Grrr.

Timelapse movie of last Saturday evening (October 17th) at the pier at Spiddal in Galway, Ireland, around sunset (click on the picture to play the video). Last Saturday was a warm sunny day (unusual for October) so I had hoped for a clear sky. As you will see, my plan to use the boat as a foreground subject hit an unforeseen snag when a couple of lads pulled up in a car and started building a little cabin on it! The sky actually got brighter after the sun set (the cloud was reflecting lovely golden light down onto the beach) and you’ll see a few boats, a swimmer or two, and even me if you’re quick enough. You might need to replay it – it seems a little ‘jerky’ the first time it is played – I’m not sure if it is the download speed from my site or my broadband at home.

Technical stuff : The images were taken with a Canon 5D fitted with a 17-40mm zoom lens. It was on a tripod (you can see that I adjusted the position slightly during the shoot) and the timelapse was achieved by using a Canon TC-80N3 remote set to take a picture every 10 seconds. I set the camera to shoot in JPEG format rather than RAW to save space (a 4GB card will give over 500 images at the largest JPEG setting).

I edited the images slightly in Adobe Lightroom – they were cropped slightly and the colours slightly adjusted for contrast and then resized to a small size. Lightroom allowed me to do the edits on the first image and then apply the same edits automatically to the following 400. The movie was created by loading the list of files into Quicktime Pro which creates a good quality video easily and quickly. I downloaded a Quicktime pluginĀ  for Wordpress to allow it to play on the site (though I haven’t figured out how to embed it into the blogpost directly yet).

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  1. John,
    I wrote a plugin that generates timelapse movies from Lightroom. Invite only, so I’m inviting you to try it :)