The consequences of the severe weather continue to unfold – areas to the north, south and east of Galway City are still severly flooded, with residents and commuters suffering hardship. Over the weekend, the fear that the combination of storm force winds and heavy rain would cause flooding in the city turned out to be unfounded – even at high tide, the water did not reach near the edge of the quay wall at the Spanish Arch.
The sea in Galway Bay was, however, still wild. I was down on the Promenade more than two hours after high tide on Saturday morning and the spray of waves frequently swept over the diving board. While I was there, a lady arrived, changed into a wetsuit and made her way to the end of the diving board before entering the water for a swim.She had to dodge a few waves on her way down – the picture above shows her bracing as a wave swept over her. As I was leaving, another man arrived to go swimming too.
I’ve uploaded a short gallery onto Flickr of pictures that I took while at the divingĀ  board. They were all taken with a wideangle lens, so it won’t be a surprise to learnĀ  that I got an eyeful or two of spray while taking them.

3 Responses to “Splashdown”

  1. Great photo. Almost monochrome.

  2. fantastic capture. like being in the eye of a hurricane

  3. wow, what a capture John