The first berry of 2011

By: John Smyth

Aug 09 2011

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It tasted a little tart but nothing beats the earthy taste of a wild blackberry. The wall behind where I live in the city provided a great crop of blackberries last year from overhanging briars – I was able to fill a desert bowl every other day. there will be no harvest this year – the plants were cleared away when the site next door was converted into a car park. The first week of August is really too early to get blackberries in the west of Ireland, but a plant behind a sheltered wall on Leitir Mor provided the first taste of blackberry this year for me.

Note: if you think my hand looks strange in the picture, it is due to foreshortening caused by the telephoto lens and by holding the camera very close to my hand.

One Response to “The first berry of 2011”

  1. Your ring is beautiful…*S*.

    We have Elderberry trees all along the nearby bike trail. I don’t think anybody harvests them, but that may change this year. I’ll try and get some for syrup anyway.