Rainy night in Eyre Square

Last year, the traders at the Christmas Market in Eyre Square had to contend with freezing temperatures – this year, gale force winds and driving rain meant that only the very hardy (and maybe some of the foolhardy) were wandering around the stalls. Here’s hoping that the weather improves over the coming weeks – the market will be in Galway until December 18th.

4 Responses to “Rainy night in Eyre Square”

  1. Nice glow from the picture. There’s a few of us meeting next Tues (6th Dec) at 7:30 for a mini photowalk around the market and a drink if you want to join.

  2. Not bad :-)

  3. Hello Mr Smyth,

    I follow you blog and I should say, great photography. I’m really amazed. I stayed in Galway for a while, but I relive those moments with your photography. I’m an ameuter photographer trying to take inpsiration from various sources, but your low light photography just amazes me. Could you, if possible, tell me how do you acheive this with such natural effect in low light?


  4. Hi Pa,
    Sounds interesting – if I’m around, I will turn up.

    Hi Ozyman, thanks for the comments. I use a tripod for all low-light images. It is better to use a tripod and low ISO (like 200 or 400) than use very high ISO and no tripod. For some images I sometimes also use the Noise Reduction feature in Lightroom (though not for the image above) – Lightroom is a piece of photo-editing software that I use to organize and edit my pictures on the computer. Another tip is to use aperatures of at least f8 or f11 when using a tripod – the images look more crisp as a result. The image above was taken with a wide angle lens held very close the the teddy bears so that they filled the foreground – wideangle images with lots of light and reflections always look good. Best of luck with your photography