The departure of the Vamos

The picture above was taken at least 10 years ago [it was taken a few minutes after the top picture in this post]. Normally, I can recall the circumstances of when and where I took any of my photographs once I look at it, but I have no recollection of this one. I wasn’t to know when I took it that I would end up living in two of the apartments in the Cé na Mara apartment block featured in the picture.When I was living there, I got to witness the demolition of the distinctive circular shed (to the right of the apartment block in the picture above). Also, there are cranes visible in the background to the left of Ce Na Mara which might  be the construction of the Radisson Hotel, which was completed in 2001.

There is a story to tell about the yacht leaving the harbour too. The Vamos, out of Alaska, was lost in September 2005 [along with one of the crew] in a storm in the north Atlantic 90 miles west of Iceland [short summary of incident here]. The captain and owner, Adam Lalich was rescued, and there is now a Vamos II (the boat was back in the water after a long lay-up in January 2011 according to this news report). Maybe one day, it will sail back in Galway harbour.

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