I’ve mentioned the number of visitors to the feeder in my back garden before. But in the last few weeks, a new breed of visitors have shown up. Twice in the last month, I’ve spotted a sneaky rat raiding the feeding cage set up on my back wall (the cage – intended for transporting pet dogs in the backs of cars) stops larger birds such as pigeons and crows from raiding the feeders. the only reason that the rat hasn’t been dealt with – with extreme prejudice – is that I’m not sure if it is a pet. It doesn’t seem particularly hungry or scared of humans (at least this one) and it looks to have a bright and healthy coat. Pet or no, it is rapidly wearing out its welcome.

Yesterday evening, a new visitor showed up. Just above the nyger seed feeder (the tube with pink trim) much loved by my goldfinches, a sparrowhawk was perched on the wall. There wasn’t a small bird to be seen, and even today, none of the birds have returned to the feeders. They will show up eventually – the lure of food is too great – and hopefully, the sparrowhawk will return too, for the very same reason.

One Response to “Predators”

  1. J, the rat is clean and well fed !!!!
    Sounds like it has access to your house too.