Pink Moon rising

The full moon in April is known as a Pink Moon, due to the pink colour of certain spring flowers in bloom around this time of year. Tonight, over Galway Bay at least, the moon was actually pink, due to a partial lunar eclipse. The picture above was taken as it rose above the horizon (and just before it duly disappeared into the rainclouds drenching north Clare on the other side of the bay). That’s the diving board at the end of Salthill Promenade in the foreground.

Update (26/04/2013): The pictures above were taken with a Canon 7D camera with a Canon 100-400mm zoom, attached to a tripod. The pictures were taken within a minute of each other, about 10 minutes after moonrise. The settings were 1/80th of a second (hence the tripod), f8 and ISO2000 (modern digital cameras produce great images at high ISO).

One Response to “Pink Moon rising”

  1. This may be the only view I get of the moon tonight. The cloud cover is so think we can’t see beyond the nearest hill, but maybe as it rises it’ll reach a clearing. Slainte