A tribute to Anthony Bourdain upstairs in Ard bia restaurant (photo taken a few weeks after his death last year).  

There was a great feature on the food scene in the west of Ireland in the Financial Times last week, highlighting some of the great restaurants (and ingredients) available. All lists of ‘bests’ or ‘favourites’ are subjective, and rarely definitive, but the article is as useful as any when looking for somewhere to eat in Galway and beyond. Ard Bia, beside the Spanish Arch, is one of my favourite restaurants in Galway. I’ve never had a bad meal or a bad experience there, and caters to vegetarians and carnivores equally. And the view of the river ain’t bad either.

Also, nominations for the The Irish Times Restaurant Awards are open until January 23rd, so why not show some love for your favourite restaurant or cafe (no prizes for guessing who I nominated).