Help from on high

Irish Coastguard helicopter taking off from University Hospital, Galway this evening.
The Irish Coastguard helicopters flew around 750 missions in 2017 , saving 175 people and assisting more than 300 more. Both the coastguard and the Air Corp air ambulance helicopters are frequent visitors to the hospital in Galway – indeed, both of them landed at the hospital today. It was a tough year for the Coastguard – one of the helicopters crashed on a mission in March with the loss of the entire crew.

Here’s hoping for safe flying in 2018.

An Irish Air Corp helicopter photographed earlier this year at the University Hospital, Galway. The service  [Callsign AIRCORP112] is based in Athlone and provides cover for Connacht.

Below – a short video of one of the Coastguard helicopters taking off from University Hospital, Galway.