Ice cold in Aran

Two creamy pints of Guinness in Tí Joe Watty’s on Inis Mór. It’s all good.
It was bitterly cold on Inis Mór on Good Friday. Luckily, there are a few great places to take shelter on the island. We did a long cycle, from Kilronan all the way to the most westerly point (near the lighthouse) , and back again (around 25kms in all, and the wind seemed to be in our faces all of the time). Before we set off, we laid a solid foundation with a big breakfast in Rua (the coffee is particularly good there). On the way back, we called into Tí Joe Watty’s pub, near Kilronan. We stop there every time we are on the island. It’s a great place for locally-sourced seafood, but it’s an even better place for pints of Guinness. We only had time for one each, but they were historical pints. This was the first time in our lifetime that one could have a pint in a pub on Good Friday (well, legally anyway). After the long cycle, drinking them was practically a religious experience !

Rua cafe on Inis Mór. Note the sign: The heavier you are, the harder you are to kidnap. STAY SAFE – EAT CAKE. I was taking no risks.