Nearly there

Is it wrong of me to be glad of the rain forecast for this (long) weekend ? While the weather isn’t great for humans, it’s badly needed in the garden. I’ve got a number of plants that are nearly ready to bear fruit or flower, and the rain is a welcome . Above, my Beauty of Bath apple trees have been pollinated successfully (thanks, bees!) and the apples are beginning to form. Beauty of Bath trees bear fruit early, so the apples should be ready to eat in six or seven weeks time.

Above is a picture of part of last year’s crop of fruit, taken in the first week of August.

Similarly, my new potatoes are progressing well – the plants are about to flower.

Beside them, my Daniel O’Rourke peas are in full flower. These peas were sown from seed that I gathered from a previous crop two years ago. The original seeds came from SeedSavers, which is a great place to get seeds and plants (and a great day out, too).