Every year,  a pair of swans nest on the bank of the mill race stream that flows under Mill Street (near the Garda Station). And every day, as hatching day approaches, you’ll usually see a bunch of people leaning over the bridge waiting for the new arrivals. For the last few years, the eggs have hatched in the last week of May. This year, they seem to be taking a little longer. I’ve called down to the nest every morning and evening for the last week, but there’s no sign of any of the eggs hatching yet. There’s a fine clutch of eggs – at least six and perhaps a seventh also. When I checked the nest this evening, the swan had settled down for the night. So it will be June before the cygnets arrive. Meanwhile, here is a picture of some that Nature prepared earlier (from a nearby nesting pair on the Eglington Canal – photographed yesterday).

UPDATE June 5th. As of  7am this morning, there are six remaining eggs but no sign of hatching yet.

UPDATE June 6th. Still no sign of anything hatching at 9pm tonight – the swan had settled down to sleep for the night. On the plus side, I usually cycle from my house to visit the nest in the evenings . That journey that takes me along the Eglington Canal, which is looking particularly beautiful at this time of year.