A starling slurping up ice cream on Salthill Promenade this morning. Remember – behind every happy, ice cream-eating starling is the bawling child that dropped it in the first place.
Well, Ladies Day at the Galway Races has come and gone for another year, and Ireland’s strategic reserve of fake tan has been depleted again. Likewise, the supply of feathery, ribbon contraptions pretending to be hats has been exhausted. Despite the huge expenditure, not one hat on Ladies Day protects the wearer from rain or sun, or indeed , ridicule. Luckily for Galway’s bird population, modern ‘hats’ don’t get made with actual feathers. That’s good news  for starlings in particular. A bird that’s loud, garrulous, and covered in bright and shiny plumage… hmmm… all a typical starling is missing is a pair of high heels, and it would fit right in on Ladies Day.