South Park silhouettes (again)

Some years ago, there was a single palm tree growing close to the sea shore in South Park, the parkland between the Claddagh and Salthill. At sunrise, it provided a pleasing silhouette to break up an otherwise flat horizon. The picture below is an example, taken in early March, 2008. Then the tree appeared to have been severely cut back (or was damaged in a storm) and , anytime I passed through the park, it seemed like an unphotogenic stump. However, for the last few months, my wife and I have been cycling around the city at the weekends, and the tree is right beside the cycle path in South Park. At the weekend, as we passed the tree, I noticed that the tree had begun to recover, and I remembered the series of photographs I took there back in 2008. [Most weeks, I could hardly tell you the day of the week, but I can remember almost every photo I’ve taken and where I’ve taken it]. So the image above was a little homage to the earlier picture below.  As you can see, the tree has quite a bit of growing to do to regain its former glory. But it’s growing in the right direction.