Skateboarders using the remnants of ex-hurricane Ophelia to scoot down Salthill Promenade in Galway this evening. Apart from some flooding in the Docks and in Salthill, damage has been relatively light.

Exit through the gift shop – the aquarium in Galway surrounded by floodwater this evening. The building is fine, and it will be open tomorrow. Parking might be tricky, though.

Flooding in the Claude Toft carpark (as usual).

This time, no-one had left their cars in the carpark. Since it is lower than the road, any seawater washed onto the road drains into the carpark, forming a car-unfriendly lake.

Less than 3 hours after seawater was flowing down Salthill promenade, Lonergans and Killoran’s were serving pints. You can see the tufts of seaweed on the road in front of the pubs.

Salthill Promenade in Galway – A couple of hours after high tide.