First! The first of the leaf-cutter bees to cut through the leaf-wrapping of its nest yesterday evening. It will take a bit of time to soak in the sun and build energy before taking flight.
In 2016, a leaf-cutter queen bee laid eggs in my flimsy little bee hotel fixed to a wall in my back garden. Four years later, her great-great grandchildren are about to emerge from the same hotel, just in time for World Bee Day¹ today. In previous years, the emergence of the bees has coincided with the flowering on the Arum lilies beside the pond in my garden (such as in 2018). Though the first lily of this year has just bloomed, my notes from previous years indicated that the bees usually emerged in mid-June. To celebrate the day that’s in it, be sure to visit the Irish Wildlife Trust’s Facebook page, which will have plenty of bee pictures today.

This bee hasn’t quite cut through the nest wrapping yet, but will probably do so later today.
¹Not to be mixed up with World Bidet Day, which is, of course, November 19.