Royale, with cheese

Fun fact. On this date 70 years ago, the then Taoiseach, Eamonn De Valera , was asked by an opposition TD if the Irish government had been invited to the royal wedding the previous week, and of so, who went (and did they bring a pressie). The wedding was that of the current Queen Elizabeth II to Philip. Though an invite was received, Dev didn’t go – our ambassador in London went instead. He went empty-handed too. The TD asking the question was Michael Donnellan¹, representing Galway West (and a member of Clann na Talmhan, which no longer exists) . I don’t think the current Taoiseach will be facing a similar question from the opposition today or tomorrow about the forthcoming royal wedding across the water.

Excerpt from Dáil record [November 27th, 1947] :

Mr. Donnellan (for Mr. Flanagan):Information on Michael DonnellanZoom on Michael Donnellanasked the Minister for External Affairs if any invitation was received by the Government to attend or be represented at the Royal Wedding on 20th November, 1947; if so, who attended on behalf of the Irish Government; whether a presentation was made on behalf of the State; and if so, the nature of such presentation.

The Taoiseach:Information on Eamon de ValeraZoom on Eamon de ValeraThe answer to both parts of the question is in the negative. Our diplomatic representative in London, in common with the other diplomatic representatives there, was invited and attended.

¹Donnellan, his son and his grandson all captained Galway in Gaelic Football. Both he and his son won All-Ireland medals – Michael Donnellan passed away in Croke Park on the day his son led Galway to victory in 1964. The same son, John, was elected in the subsequent by-election.