En attendant, il ne se passe rien

Waiting for Godot


Photo of the stage, taken as the audience were filing in.

The old quip about Waiting for Godot is that is a play where nothing happens, twice. When it came to actually seeing the play in Galway, my wife and I managed to fail, twice. We’d bought tickets for the 2nd, a Friday. When we turned up on the Friday (with time to spare, or so we thought), it turned out that we were too early. We’d arrived down on the 2nd of February instead of March 2nd, (which was also a Friday). And, one month later, there was a different problem – the play was cancelled due to the snow.

Photo of the Town Hall Theatre on Friday morning, March 2nd, 2018. You couldn’t blame Godot for not showing up in that weather.

Due to the snowstorms, the Thursday and Friday night performances had been cancelled. Luckily, the theatre were able to rebook us for the matinee on Saturday, so we got to see the play on our third attempt. It’s a wonderful production by Druid, and compared to the Gate production that I saw back in 2006, feels like a more earthy and comical version of the play . it’s touring the country right now, before heading to Washington and Chicago, so don’t miss it.