Locked Out

My wife and I often used to kick off either Saturday or Sunday morning  by getting a coffee at the Gourmet Tart Co. branch on Newcastle Road, and then walking into the Quad in NUIG to drink them. It is a beautiful, peaceful space and a great place to begin the day. We’ve fallen out of the habit in the last year – we’d head down to the Prom in Salthill instead. This morning, we decided to revisit the Quad, but when we arrived at the gate – cappuccinos in hand – it was locked. The best we could do was peer through the keyhole of the huge wooden gate to look at our usual coffee-drinking spot. It’s probably due to the restrictions associated with Covid-19 and like a lot of other things, it will probably open again once the restrictions are lifted.

On the way home, near the Art Millenium building (and the library), one sign that spring has arrived is the appearance of crocuses.

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