Otterly delightful

Since I’ve been walking every morning through the Claddagh, I’ve spotted otters more often. Yesterday morning, I spotted this character boarding a fishing boat looking for snacks, before then climbing the steps onto one of the jetties in the Claddagh (the Long Walk is visible in the background). It then preceded to have a good roll around in the grass before returning to the water, to swim across the river towards the Spanish Arch. I recorded it around 7.20am, so it was daylight and there were the usual number of early walkers / joggers and dog-walkers. Nobody else seemed to see the otter, and it didn’t seem to care too much either way. It was a morning for spotting marine creatures – as I walked along Raven Terrace, I glanced over the wall and a large seal stared back – it had swum up into the Englington Canal as the tide was sufficently high.