Seafest 2016

A Galway Hooker turning in front of the Long Walk in Galway yesterday afternoon. I had to put down my bag of McDonagh’s fish & chips to take this picture, just as the sun lit up the scene, so it really doesn’t  get much better than this.

If you are in Galway today, call down to the harbour. Seafest 2016 is happening there (it started yesterday). The L E Niamh, Granuaile, Celtic Voyager and Celtic Explorer are moored in the harbour and can be visited free of charge, and the Army have set up a series of stands nearby, where kids (of the small and grown-up varieties) can clamber over (and inside) an armoured car and jeep, and play with a howitzer and missile launcher. Alas, the weapons aren’t loaded, so there’s no chance of giving someone in Barna a fright (the guns are pointing west).