Signs of spring

My heather path, in full bloom. It will be full of bees once they wake up.
There were definitely signs of spring this morning. The NUIG fox and I crossed paths again as I walked through the campus early this morning. It was a sunny if cold morning but it warmed up a little in the afternoon. It was enough to encourage a few visitors, including a groggy honeybee, a more lively white-tailed bumblebee (Bombus lucorum) and a small tortoiseshell butterfly. I spotted all three within a 5 minute interval looking out my upstairs office window. It wasn’t just the warmth of the sun that brought them to the garden. I planted a patch of spring heather a few years ago to provide early pollen and it has matured nicely. The plants are in full bloom now, and are ready to attract any newly-awakened hungry insects.

Screengrab of a video clip of my first bumblebee visitor of the year.

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