Spring arrives

A spring flower preparing to bloom.

Hawthorn saplings in spring growth
Though there has been higher than average rainfall during February, it has been relatively mild so far this spring, and the plants in my garden are beginning to burst into life. I planted a hawthorn (whitethorn) hedge in both my front and back garden back in October, and every single plant (40 in all)  has survived the winter and has begun to bloom.

Hawthorn hedge planting , October 2019.

The heather patch that I planted in 2018 has bedded in well, and has been in bloom for a couple of weeks now. Though I didn’t get to photograph them, I’ve spotted a couple of bumblebees feeding on the blooms already this spring.

Foxglove plants that I grew from seed last autumn. Foxgloves produce huge amounts of seeds, and are relatively easy to grow. I collected these seeds from flowers in my garden last summer, and I’ll plant them into a permanent bed later in spring.

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